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Do you deliver to all homes, urban and rural?

We deliver to all urban homes or workplaces that fit within our designated delivery regions. Rural delivery will be carefully considered upon request via, or text 0275716699

Do you have a delivery fee?

At Direct From The Market we try to keep costs down to the absolute minimum. Our delivery fee is $5 per delivery

What will our orders be delivered in?

We love to recycle, your order may arrive in a cardboard box with your name written on the side and order receipt tucked away inside, you may return these boxes when we drop off your next order or alternatively you can reuse them.


Where will my order be delivered if I'm not home?

Your delivery will be placed on your doorstep in the best place possible. However if there is another place you would like your delivery to be placed, such as on the back doorstep, then feel free to let us know in the comments section when you are placing an order.

What time must my order be completed to ensure it's received on the current week?

What range of produce do you provide?

 Bread and Pastry orders are required before 3pm and Fruit and Vegetable orders before 9pm , the day before we deliver to your specific region. This is to ensure that all your produce is fresh and arrives exactly when you want it. 

We sell a wide range of fresh and delicious vegetables and fruit as well as supplying authentic artisan pastries and bread from Pandoro, Smoked Kahawai from Smokey in Katikati, Free range eggs from Waihi and award winning Bacon from our local Pirongia Bacon. Our full range of produce can be found on our online store.  


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Direct From The Market

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